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Girogirotondo       Nursery school

nursery school our ethos
Our Ethos

Our main objective at Girogirotondo is to contribute to developing personality, interactions,relationships, communication area of logic and environment of our children, with specific focus on the way they relate to the world around them.
At Girogirotondo nursery school we understand that the infant personality is fundamentally formed through the child’s interactions and exchanges with other individuals, be it their peers or teachers, either one-to or in a group.
It is these daily interactions which allow the child to adopt good behaviour patterns and encourage greater self awareness.
At the same time, the infant begins to overcome the confusion between subjective and objective experiences (due to ego prominence of this age) and to give greater importance to sharing and reciprocity in their relationship with the external world.
Of course the child’s main adult influences for this come from the school and family.
A defining characteristic of the infant personality is that their ego does not allow the child to differentiate between their own interior world and that of the actual world.
In this way the knowledge of others, combined with the child’s exploration of the external environment and lived experiences all contribute to the child’s communicative development. This process of self discovery on the part of the infant demands a curriculum in which actions and daily tasks encourage the child to share with others, both their experiences and material possessions.

The school’s homework

Establishing a healthy relationship between the child and their peers, between themselves, the family, the school and the other adults in the child’s life is fundamental in growing the child’s personality.
Our homework at Girogirotondo nursery school is to build upon and consolidate the work done by the family (which remains fundamental), bridging the gap between the family and the wider world.

Girogirotondo’s curriculum

Our curriculum at Girogirotondo nursery school is based on developing the skills associated with four key areas of the child’s development:
- Movement;
- Communication;
- Logic;
- Environment.
The first (movement) focusses on identifying and developing the child’s motor skills, encouraging mastery of their own body as well as in terms of their physical interaction with others.
The second (communication) aims to develop the child’s linguistic, cognitive and emotive skills through the use of both verbal and non-verbal languages, building the child’s communication skills in a situational, spatial and object based context. The result is accomplished communication skills on both a group and individual level.
The third (the area of logic) enriches the child’s cognitive development with particular emphasis on new discoveries, classifications ,number sequences , languages, signs and symbols. This is where an introductory level of maths comes in, always of utmost importance in the child’s development in terms of the application of diagrams, numbers and figures. The aim is to promote the development of thought and reasoning.
Lastly, the area of environment, focusses on refining the child’s sensory, perceptive and exploratory skills through physical games and activities.
The games and activities foster a basic understanding of science in regards to the physical properties of objects and biology.
Alongside the direct use of the child’s senses to navigate their surroundings, a great deal of emphasis is placed on exploring different physical environments and different cultures.
This is made possible through the overcoming of an ethnocentric world view.
Thanks to other cultural contexts and through multicultural and multiethnic inspired activities organised at school, the child is inducted into a world which prizes different values, behaviours and different ways of living.