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    Pio IX

Girogirotondo       Nursery school

We offer a 70-hour weekly English Workshop program with native English teachers.
The program is distributed as follows:
A native English teacher is present in the first year class 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a total of 40 hours per week, while the second and third year children benefit from the presence of a native English teacher 3 hours a day, everyday, for a total of 15 hours per week.
The goal of the English workshop is to familiarize children with the English language through games, songs, crafts, as well as daily classroom activities and routines, from snack time and recess to the various educational workshops.
Songs and interactive games are an easy and fun way for children to learn new vocabulary and sounds. Games are a stimulating way to learn new words, allowing children to practice what they have learned and to use their newly acquired knowledge independently.
A typical lesson goes from learning new vocabulary to applying it in a classroom game, a story, a song or through role-play, giving the child the chance to apply the new words on their own.
The third year English workshop covers:
* Colors
* Animals
* Numbers up to 20
* Object description (color, shape, size, etc.)
* Body parts
* Greetings/introducing oneself
* Emotions
* Actions and verbs (daily routines)
* Food
* Expressing likes and dislikes (I like, I do not like)
* Making everyday requests in the classroom
* Opposites and adjectives (Big / small, fast / slow, hot / cold, etc.)
* Family