scuola materna e dell’ infanzia a Roma

via di Santa Prisca 8
00153 Roma
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    Pio IX

Girogirotondo       Nursery school

The aim of the visual arts workshop at the Nursery school, is to encourage the child to represent visually their emotional, tactile and visual sensations to reproduce three dimensionally or on paper the world in which they live.
The laboratory, which also incorporates narrative and dramatic storytelling, allows the child to expand their imagination, natural gift for fantasy and creativity.
The workshop offers the child the opportunity to experiment with and get to know a broad range of artistic media and to gradually master many different techniques.
During the workshop they learn to identify different materials, develop their sense of colour and aesthetics and are encouraged to experiment with the use of perspective (visual, auditory, tactile).
They learn to use a broad range of visual languages graphic-painting-sculpture-assemblage-collage to represent their own subjective reality.
Depending on age and ability, the realisation of group projects and experimentation with various techniques, awakens the child’s sense of colour and shape, as well as working on the child’s groupwork skills.
For the youngest ones this means an introduction to colour and distinguishing between colours and building confidence with various paintbrush techniques and collage.
For the 4 year olds the workshop becomes about developing their finer motor skills, working on coordination and movement via “Action Painting” and developing their listening skills and the ability to follow precise instructions. Meanwhile, the eldest (“grandi”) work on the representation of themselves, self portraits and portraits and the human figure.
They usually work on a project around the theme of Rome.
The graphic and painting workshop at girogirotondo gives the children the tools they need to become visually literate preparing them to read and understand the images which surround them.